Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Having only two weeks between long trips abroad, and having a form of food poisoning for half of that time really interfered with my ability to properly plan for traveling. I put all of my emphasis and energy into getting the business portions of the trip lined up by making appointments and issuing marching orders to my staff for the systems configuration in our Kampala office. So, I didn't have time to see if there were places to see nearby, or anything to do personally.

The last day at the office was so busy that I messed up and missed taking Nicholas (a staffer from our Uganda office visiting HQ) to dinner. Then I realized I hadn't touched base with our travel staff to get my travel documents. I couldn't find them in the office anywhere so I had to call the person handling it. Unfortunately, he left his mobile phone on his desk so I couldn't reach him.

As a result I had to call the travel manager on her day off and get her to help me locate them. By this time it was well after 9 pm so I felt a bit guilty about calling her at home on a Friday of a holiday weekend. In the end, I got everything I needed and they were in order.

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