Sunday, July 3, 2005

Before departure

I spent Friday and Saturday taking care of last minute details at home; paying bills, doing laundry, yard work, etc. I also had to make a short trip to get a few immunizations that were highly recommended. The last time, it took only 15 minutes when I was there. No such luck this time as I was there for over an hour. I am not a needle loving individual and the prospect of getting three shots was creating a bit of angst. It all went well, and I was fine until I found out that the Hepatitis-B is a 3-shot series and I have to go back in a month, then again in about 4 months.

A haircut was also necessary so there went another hour. Then, I took a little time for myself so Vicki and I spent a few hours at Oliver's, our local watering hole. Well, it ended up being almost four hours by the time we left.

Saturday was shopping day. I ended up buying a few things for the trip from LL Bean. I also got a guide book to New Delhi and Agra from my local Borders Books. Then, my 12" Powerbook started acting up and after a few hours of troubleshooting I was at the point of complete reinstallation as my last option. My instincts told me it was hardware though; either the hard disk or RAM. So, I went out to CompUSA and picked up a 15" 1.67GHz model and the requisite additions (sleeve, RAM, Virtual PC). It only took me about two hours to set it up and move my data and applications from the 12" over to it. I spent about an hour over the day testing it out to be sure all the software transferred correctly and was happy.

Now, about packing...

It always takes longer than it should and inevetibly still leaves you with anxiety over what you might have forgotten. I think I packed well and with the idea of carrying on as big a case as I was allowed and checking a second larger one. On the return trip, I can either put the carry-on into the larger one, or merely check both. But I wanted to be sure that certain things were with me throughout the trip. A little extra room for mementos wouldn't hurt either.

I finally got to sleep around 2am, just to awake at 7am. I had forgotten to get my Malaria prophylaxis (Malaron). You'd think a prescription early in the morning on a Sunday would be pretty quick. I was the only one in the store with no backlog and it still took me well over an hour. It also didn't ease my anxiety over time by realizing I was over halfway to the pharmacy and had left the prescription form on my desk at home so I lost time going back to get it.

The remaining few hours went like that with a fair amount of unexpected things coming up. But in general it was fine and everything got done.

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