Friday, July 8, 2005

Friday Brings the Weekend

Well, we finalized our work by signing a contract with one of the vendors. We then went back to the office site to update the people we are working with as well as the Director there. They were quite pleased with the developments.

Now, the new work begins. We have to finish designing the network interface to the Internet, procure other equipment, and I have to write up reports and the paperwork to accompany the contract and expenditures. Now, something happened to really peeve me a bit and bring me off of my high about the vendor we selected.

At 4:45 we met in the hotel lobby to finalize the contract. Several times during the week I emphasized that they needed to provide me with any and all paperwork that needed completion so I could prepare the staff back in the US to assist with anything, including legal review, that may come up. All the vendors had given me various piles of papers, including this one. But at the meeting, he gives me NEW papers to complete and, by the way, we need startup payment now. I looked at him with a completely blank stare, composed myself, then asked him why he had not done all this earlier. I told him that I had previously explained why I needed ALL of it earlier in the week and that this particular week is a very popular vacation time in the US and some of the staff I needed to assist on this were not in the office. In addition, people are not just sitting around waiting for me to send things for them to review or process, they have other work to do. And here it was at 5:00 on Friday when I leave in a few days! I was quite taken aback, as was my Indian colleague.

After some talking and "negotiation", accompanied by a few calls from him to his office, we got it all worked out to both party's satisfaction. Although, I now have much more work in front of me for Saturday. Phew, I am going to be busy.

After it was all said and done, I thought it best to take a little break. I got a bite to eat in The Cafe, then adjourned to the "Polo Lounge" for a cold beer. That helped put a cap on the day.

By 7:00, I figured it was time to go back to work so I ambled to the room, cracked open the notebooks and got to writing. A lot of email flew around as I was making arrangements for the payments, orders, and writing the supporting paperwork for the contracts. It was a very long day.

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