Sunday, July 3, 2005

Leaving Las Vegas

"Leaving Laurel" just didn't sound as interesting for a title.

The lounge had gotten very busy as my flight time neared. At Dulles, some flights are boarded directly from the lounge (for business class passengers that is). We boarded on time and I found the KLM flight crew very friendly and attentive.

I had a gentleman on his way to Nigeria in the seat beside me (business class) and it was obvious that this was his first time flying this type of service. I had to help him with his paperwork, choosing a meal, getting his video to work, and explaining how to make his connection in Amsterdam. I think the crew was either short one person or kept very busy elsewhere. He was a nice enough guy on his way to Lagos. Now, I always believed that being nice gets repaid in kind -- somewhere, somehow.

My mistake.

I rarely sleep on planes, but may occasionally pass out or drop-off from exhaustion. However, I was very tired even at the beginning of the flight and taking an antihistimine just enhanced that. I managed to nod off about four times, just to be hit, elbowed, or jostled by my seat neighbor. Its that whole lack of "personal space" awareness. We fought quiet wars over the arm rest and he even later knocked a full glass of wine into my lap and then stepped on and broke the glass when he got up to clean the little that splashed on him. Oh well, I also believed "what goes around, comes around" so maybe his Amsterdam to Lagos flight had some payback for him.

The movie selection was a bit slim, probably because I had spent so much time flying in June that I had seen all the movies they offered. The only "new" movie was "Miss Congeniality 2" and there was a problem with my system and I couldn't watch it. I hear from others that I probably made out better, but how many times can you really watch "Hitch"? I think Wil Smith is hilarious, but too much is too much.

More tomorrow as my flight continues across the Atlantic.

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