Friday, July 8, 2005

A Little Drive Around Town

I did manage to take a few hours with our guy in Delhi (who, by the way, is a terrific individual I am proud to have met) and drive around a bit between meetings. We went to the old British Colonial shopping area where there is major construction going on for the new Metro subway system (see photo). We got out and walked around the shopping district for a while. Interesting area, with stores grouped by type. Restaurants are together, travel agencies together, bookstores, etc.

We then drove around a bit more, past the diplomatic area again. We also visited the Indian Cottage Industries Center for a bit. Its a government store, about 6 stories high, that has goods from all over India, including rugs, carvings, precious jewelry, silk, and many other items at reasonable prices.

On the way back to the hotel, we passed the provincial stores. These are retail stores operated by the various Indian states and provinces to hawk wares that their region specializes in. Its an effort by the Indian government to be sure that all of India is presented for visitors to the capitol city.

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