Sunday, July 3, 2005

To the airport

Well, today is July 3 and at 1:30 I was still trying to wrap up the packing and writing last minute notes and instructions. We left for Dulles airport around 1:45 and made decent time, arriving around 2:30. Its a long ride to Dulles in Virginia from my home, but traffic was light on this Sunday afternoon. Check-in was easy, but I noticed they changed their luggage handling since my last trip in early June and I now had to carry my bags to a screening station, whereas they took them at the counter before.

Security wasn't too bad, but I had a security portal with a TSA person that wasn't at his best that day (or maybe he was). There were two groups of foreigners in front of me and the first group couldn't quite get the fact they had to remove all metal and kept setting off the machine. They were leaving on bracelets, watches, and other jewelry. The worst part was that the TSA person wasn't assisting by pointing it out, he was merely sending them back through again with little or no feedback. Then the guy directly in front of me kept trying to go through with a huge gold medallion around his neck and metal sunglasses on his head. After his third attempt with no feedback from the TSA fellow, I mentioned the medallion and glasses. He put them in the little bowl to go through and successfully passed. Perhaps I should invoice the TSA for my time "consulting".

Despite having a number of people there, the airport moved well. I like not having to take those ratty shuttle buses to the terminal. I headed for for "B" and 10 minutes later found me in the KLM lounge sipping a fresh Heineken from the tap. It was fairly empty in the lounge at that time and therefore quiet. I found it relaxing and an excellent way to prepare for a series of long flights.

The flight is scheduled to be on time at 5:00 so I'll just sit here looking out the window and sipping my beer until its time to board.

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