Thursday, November 17, 2005

Staff Retention and Morale

I know of an IT organization of around 25 people. This group, a unit within a larger company, claims to have morale issues and staff who just are not happy in the workplace. They groan and grumble, moan and complain. The group's managers spend a significant amount of time and attention on the matter but little seems to have a positive effect.

You would think that such a group would be exhibiting a high turnover rate. But, in this case the 2-year voluntary turnover rate is 0%. That's right, nobody has left voluntarily. That isn't to say that there were absolutely no exits. There were three; an internal transfer to another unit and position, one whose family relocated to another state, and one that lost his battle with cancer.

So here is the question; if things are sooo bad, then why do people stay?

Its a given that some stay for the good benefits, as they are good. But they aren't heads above everyone else. Is it the opportunities? Perhaps, but that isn't obvious. Maybe its the people and co-workers then? Well, given that they complain as much about each other as they do about their work I can't put much on that being the answer either.

I'd like to invite my readers to respond. Share your own similar stories and anecdotes.

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