Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Back in the saddle again

Finally traveling again as the Spring season is upon us. Today's journey is to Los Angeles for a meeting at UCLA. I'm going out on Tuesday and back on Wednesday. My travel folks really did me right and managed to use FF points to get me into first class on Delta. My past experiences with First Class on Delta have left a lot to be desired and, other than free drinks, not much better than coach on other airlines. However, this time I was pleasantly surprised at the experience.

The short hop from Baltimore to Cincinatti was uneventful but comfortable. I had all of 35 minutes to walk from one end of Delta's terminal to the other, just enough time to do it leisurely but not enough for checking out any shops. Then, the 757 from Cincinatti to LA was much better. Food was pretty good, the attendants were extremely attentive and exceptionally nice. The only complaint was having to watch the movie on the small monitor over the aisle. My neck was sore from looking up and, being a few rows back from the monitor, the images were often confusing and blurry. Fortunately, I had just watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at home with my kids the night before the trip.

We ran into a lot of turbulence, not rough, but constant. It was a bit odd landing in southern California and having it be colder at 10am than it was leaving Baltimore at 5 am. I do regret not having a window seat as the scenery looked spectacular through the clear skies.

Then came the shuttle ride of horrors. Super Shuttle will never get my business again. I had a reservation I made personally, but it was still almost an hour wait for a shuttle, which then proceeded to circle the airport four times until he had packed the van completely full. By the time I got to the hotel, it was over two hours after I landed. A cab would have had me there within a half hour.

The Hilgard House, just off the UCLA campus, is a quaint little hotel facility near the center of Westwood Village. From there, you can get to most of the campus and all of the popular eateries in the Village pretty easily on foot. The rooms aren't large, but they are comfortable and very clean. I recommend it if you need to visit the area.

My meeting, held at the Faculty Center, went well. Afterwards, we were treated to a wonderful reception on the lanai with shrimp, sushi, and other good food. To my surprise, I was invited to dine with the event sponsors and Association leadership afterwards in the restaurant in the facility. The only thing that surprised me more was the quality of the food and wine they served. I would put it up against any restaurant.

'twas a pleasant walk back to the hotel. I was feeling the time difference as it was about 9:30 but felt significantly later and I was tired. The walk was cool and refreshing. It is the beginning of Spring Break for UCLA students and they were out in force on such a wonderful evening; partying on balconies, sitting on stairs and benches. It seemed like a pretty nice environment.

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