Saturday, August 18, 2007

Day 4 in San Francisco

Final day of training. With the APA crowd here, finding a place for lunch was tough. Getting around the hotel was tough. I have never seen so many people that can't operate in crowds before. We ended up at Mel's Drive In again. It was crowded, but we got a table reasonably fast and made our alloted lunch time work. However, a few others were late back to class.

After class, we decided to take a short rest break and regenerate. I took the opportunity to hit the Apple store here and got a magsafe airline power adapter for the return trip. Once recharged, we decided head to the mall and check out the other floors that supposedly had nice, full-service restaurants. There were some decent looking places but none really appealed to us. We decided on Mexican, missing our usual Mi Rancho lunch. However, finding a Mexican is tougher here than back in Maryland. We got a referral to a place called Cortez and direction. The directions were easy and we found the eatery. Glancing at the menu, there were Rhode Island dishes, French dishes, and almost everything BUT Mexican. This now called for a search of the area.

Remembering the iPhone commercial, I got mine out and started the Google Maps application. I entered our location, then entered “mexican”. Several locations appeared with one being only a block away. It all worked just like in the commercial!

A block away, just like the iPhone said, we stumbled across Colibri Mexican Bistro. It was full and they expected reservations, but a little charm and light banter with the hostesses got us a great table near the window, across from the theater. I got a terrific Walleye with cornbread and rice along with some potatoes au gratin. This food was absolutely incredible. I was full but couldn't stop eating. Unbelievably good! Really, it was GREAT!

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