Thursday, August 16, 2007

First day of training

Went well, other folks in the class are interesting. I am surprised how many are from the mid-Atlantic. Construction next door was causing some noise issues, but we were told it would only last an hour. They we close at two hours.

For lunch we went looking for the "culinary institute" recommended by the instructor. Turns out is is a place called "Educated Pallate" and no longer serves lunch. Across the street was "Mels Drive In", a 50's diner throwback. Pretty good food and reasonable prices.

After the day's session was complete, we decided to walk the surrounding neighboods looking for food. We found a little cafe for a refreshments and a quick rest off our feet, then walked to John's Grill, an apparent icon and the oldest operating restaurant in San Francisco. DSCN0731.JPG

It was too busy so we went across the street to the Jazz Bistro. The band was decent and it was kinda nice overall. Good food, okay prices. Turned in early - tired.


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