Saturday, August 18, 2007

iPhone Update

Well, its been over a month and I have to stand by my original assertions regarding AT&T and the iPhone; they have been the sole dark spot in the entire process. From taking over a week to get activated to the 300 page invoice I received. Don't even get me started on the fact billing errors. Unfortunately, I have to relent to Steve Jobs on one point -- despite all of these issues AT&T may have still been the best choice.

The instrument is pretty nice and the suggestions I have for improvements are generally the same as others all over the 'net so I won't repeat them. I do want to suggest one though.

I have a lot of contacts, business and personal combined. It is unlikely that I will want to call many of these people from my phone but I do want the contact info with me. Now, if I leave them in the address book, whenever I link via Bluetooth to the phone, I have to go through the entire address list one-by-one. If Apple could give you a way to identify a folder in the Address Book to use for your external link, that would be such a welcome feature.

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