Saturday, August 4, 2007

Virginia, almost home

After midnight I pulled into the Virginia Welcome Center for a short break. While I had made pretty good time up until then, experience has shown that Virginia is a bit more aggressive in adding to their staet and local coffers. As a result, I knew I was close to home but that these next few hours would really drag.

As I drove through the state, I watched the "estimated time of arrival" on my navigation screen slowly increase the minutes later and later. I eventually turned it off because it was so depressing.

At this time of night, I headed straight up I-95, choosing to forgo the I-295 bypass. Traffic was light and, although the speed was slower, I made decent time. When the roads merged back together above Richmond, I noticed a few familiar vehicles that I had been "packed" with before stopping at the Welcome Center. Assuming they all didn't stop together, I estimated that meant I picked up about 10 minutes by not using the bypass.

This was the first time in about 6 years I had driven through Richmond. The new flyovers, overpasses, and underpasses they have constructed are just CRAZY! Some are hundreds of feet in the air! I wish it had been daytime so I could grab some photos. Its also the first time in years I passed through the Springfield Mixing Bowl, where I-495, I-395, and I-95 meet along with some local byways. It too looks just like spaghetti but not as outrageous as the Richmond construction.

At 3:05 am, I was crossing the new Woodrow Wilson Bridge with a view o the lighted National Harborplace on the water; it looks like it will really be nice when they complete it. About 40 minutes later I was pulling into the garage and not the least bit tired.

Good road trip. I need more of those and with more time.

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