Friday, January 25, 2008

2008 Washington DC Auto Show Charity Preview Event

I had the privilege, offered through the Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County, of attending the 2008 Washington DC Auto Show's Congressional Gala and Charity Preview Event this week. This is a great evening filled with most of my favorite things; food, wine, music, and cars. The event is held each year and allows a small number of people to peruse the show in advance of its public opening. There is terrific access to the cars and displays. They sprinkle food stands and drink stations throughout the show floor and make it a truly terrific atmosphere for perusing the cars. My favorite spot is the hall where most of the imports are located. It's here that you find the special cars you rarely get to see; the Bentleys, Ferraris, high-end Mercedes, and other unique vehicles. And all of this raises money for charity! It was a great time! It was only later that I realized that there was a dinner and dance as well. I was pleased enough by the ambience and events on the show floor and it never occurred to me that there was more.



[From Flickr Photo Download: DSCN1089.JPG]


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