Monday, July 25, 2005

Down the Coast

Breakfast. It's amazing how hungry you can feel in the morning. The concierge recommended a place called Dottie's and said lines form by 7:30 because its do popular. So we trekked off to taste this legendary treat. It was a decent walk as it was all downhill. Well, it seems it doesn't even open until 7:30 and it was 6:45 when we got there. We killed some time walking around but soon decided to duck into another joint instead. The food was good and we were done pretty quickly. Now for the trek back up the hill.

At the hotel, we gathered our stuff and checked out, then got the rental car. I was astounded at what seemed a high proce for a few days, then even more surprised that it was a Kia. I mean after all, for a little more I could have bought the Kia! We started out of town towards Carmel.

The road trip was nice and lasted about 3 hours as we took our time. There was some really nice scenery and I wished I could have paid more attention. Once we got to Carmel and on the 17-mile road, the view got even better. Nice homes, great views of the coast, and legendary golf courses.

The Inn at Spanish Bay is terrific. It has a breathtaking vista of the coastline and opulent rooms and service. Our room has an ocean view, fireplace, and is very comfortable. We settled in and took a drive over to the Links at Pebble Beach for lunch. Then, off to Spyglass for my golf lesson with the Pebble Beach Manager of Instruction.

During the lesson, there were a lot of deer on the driving range. I asked if they created a problem. He simply said that they hit hot on occasion and merely look up as though saying, "Is that all you got?"

We went back to Spanish Bay and walked the property, including the oceanfront. Then, as my camera battery died, I realized I didn't bring the charger. After thinking about my options, we headed to the local electronics superstore to see if I could find a charger. Well, no charger was even close so I ended up buying a new camera for the remainder of the trip. Since I had a 10:30 tee time in the morning, I didn't want to take to the course without being able to capture the moment.

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