Saturday, October 15, 2005

Food & Wine Festival

The Walt Disney World Food & Wine Festival at EPCOT is one of my favorite events. Food and wine (and beer); what more does it need to be great?

I got here late but did have time to make a lap of the World Showcase and do a few taste tests. The park was crowded and the lines at each booth/tent were long. I didn't have much patience for waiting so passed on a lot of attractive sounding opportunities.

I did get Scandavian meatballs, pork spring rolls, beef tenderloin on a stick, and some Tokyo Sushi rolls. Washed all of this down with some Carlsburg, Tiger, Fosters, and some Kira. All of it was top notch grub and brew! Not bad for an hour walk around the lake.

There is so much to try that I really need to have a more organized approach in the few hours I'll have this week. I think I'll do something else tomorrow night as I suspect it'll be just as busy on Sunday. Perhaps the weeknights will be better.

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