Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Grand Ole Opry

The Hilton has upgraded its mattresses and linens. I would guess that they are at least 600-count. The beds are the new "comfort" beds and, all-in-all, it was tough to wake up in the morning. It had nothing to do with the beers from the night before. It was too late for breakfast, but Eddies Sports Bar in the hotel had a nacho offering that had to be at least 5 pounds of chips, lettuce, cheese, and chile. As much of a nacho fiend as I am, I could bare make it halfway through the plate. They also had a beer sampler that gave me three terrific brews.

We decided to get a jump on things and go to Opryland early. The cab driver was a hoot. Heavy accent and good-ole-boy stories about Nashville. We got our tickets at will call and decided to take a gander at Opry Mills, the mall behind the hotel. It was pretty crowded, probably back-to-shool shoppers I figured.

We walked all over Opryland, paused for gelato in the conservatory, and killed some time in Rusty's Sports Bar and Grill. It hasn't changed since my trip here 5 years ago.

The Opry was okay. We got there and I hit the concession. Had a great hot dog for only $2.50! Our seats were pretty good and were only about 20 feet from the stage, so we had a decent view. The only problem at all was that, just before the show started, a bunch of flying bugs found their way to our part of the audience. I kept fending them off for about an hour.

The entertainers were pretty good and, even though not a big country fan, I enjoyed it. I have to say that the GooGoo commercials were really getting to me. I wasn't the only one either. The people behind us had too much as well. I think the final straw was when they had one commercial break that said, "on a Saturday night, there's nothing that satisifies me like a GooGoo".

Back to the hotel to rest up for Sunday.

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