Friday, July 22, 2005

Hip-hip, cheerio

The remainder of the trip from Entebbe to London was long, and made to seem even longer by crying and screaming children. I didn't necessarily blame the woman as she seemed to be trying hard to keep them calm and quiet. It just wasn't working.I wasn't able to even get close to grabbing some shuteye, and the rest of the cabin had the same problem. We landed at London/Heathrow about 15 minutes early at Terminal 4. The walk to the connecting area is just ridiculously long and I think you even double back once. I would estimate it at 1/4 mile or better with only a few moving sidewalks to help.

I took time to browse the duty-free shops and picked up some chocolates, some 15-year old Glenlivet and a bottle of Sambuco, and a bottle of perfume for the wife. From my perspective, given the competitive prices in my home area, these shops offer little incentive except for some local items and liquor. The perfume was actually more expensive than my nearby department store (even considering sales tax at home) and there were few, if any real "bargains" to be had. But the liquor can save a pretty penny in many cases.

Then, off to the British Airways lounge. They do a very nice job of making you comfortable and have plush seating, a fully stocked bar, decent snacks, and tasty sandwiches. I took advantage of all of that -- especially the bar. This was not the cheap stuff either, it was all top-shelf labels. The only problem was that the premier lounge had no power outlets for notebooks. So, after I had my fill there, I went downstairs to the standard lounge so I could plug in, charge up, and connect to the Internet.

Well, I couldn't get my Apple connected using the iPass account, so I had to use only the Tablet PC. That was okay as I still could check my office email and take care of some tasks, but couldn't post my blog entries or easily check my personal email accounts. Time went by quickly though and before long it was time to board.

The plane was a newer Boeing 777 with a separate First Class and Club area. The Club area was quite large and was full. I found myself sitting next to two young girls, around 6 or 7 years old, and their mother. Boy, I hope they're quiet. Hopefully, they've been traveling like I have and started very early this morning and in a different time zone. Maybe I'll get some sleep.

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