Friday, July 22, 2005

Last Day in Uganda

Well, today's my last day here and I am in a rush to get everything done. I had Robert, the driver, stop off at the craft market in Kampala on the way to the office. The market is located behind the national theater and consists of about 20 small shack-like booths. For the most part, they all sell the same stuff, and the majority of it comes from Kenya. You can find some unique local items and that's one of the challenges. The other is haggling over the final price. I bought a few masks, a pair of bottle-openers as gifts at the office, and some canvas art I think I'm going to frame. Not much really.

At the office, things were slow but I still had a fair amount to do. Amongst other things, I have to document and report on all the work done, and what remains to be done. I also had to organize all of the equipment and pieces. I also wanted to be sure I left my work areas as clean and neat, or better, than I found them.

The electrician adding capacity for our new equipment arrived at the office around 4:00 to start work and someone has to stay with him. I told him that I'd give him an hour, then I had to leave. I called the driver and after waited. Forty minutes later, I caught a lift from one of our staff as they left.

A final dinner at Emin Pasha was in order and the restaurant was a bit busy. I had their wonderful Beef Fillet that comes with a mound of mashed potatoes and mashed yams in a layered mound. Delicious. The restaurant staff and bar manager all bade me farewell. As I passed through the office on the way back to the room, the desk staff also took the time to talk to me and offer their goodbyes. No sooner was I in my room and beginning to pack when Shenny, from housekeeping stopped by for turn down service. She said she had waited until I got back so she could say goodbye as well. We talked for a few minutes and I wished her good luck with her studies and upcoming examinations.

Packing took less time than I thought and I was done in 20 minutes. One last check of email and off to sleep.

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