Friday, August 26, 2005

Music City, USA

Nashville. Home to a virtual plethora of country music stars, bars, and terrific entertainment options.

Most things went smoothly, with a very quick trip through the new Southwest Terminal at BWI airport; they've done a very nice job and the shopping mall is pretty decent. Security took but a few moments, or at least should have. My number came up for the more thorough search. I have to say that the TSA person was very courteous and respectful. The flight was on time and also went pretty well.

That is, until I waited at baggage claim for our one suitcase. The Southwest representative said that a security scanner back in Baltimore had problems and some bags didn't make it. Oh, well. The hotel, the Hilton Downtown Nashville, was about 20 minutes from the airport and it was a flat $22 taxi fair, which actually made it cheaper than the shuttle bus! We were pretty early so there was no room at the inn (been waiting to say that). Left our bags with the bell desk and hit the streets. The Hilton is next to the Gaylord Center and in front of the Country Music Hall of Fame, and only a block from the entertainment district of Broadway, so it has a great central location.

Most food places were just opening up and activity downtown was pretty minimal. We wandered Broadway towards the river, then up 2nd Ave next to the Hard Rock and past the Wild Horse Saloon, stopping into Willie Nelson's museum shop on the way. Charlie Daniels also has a museum and shop just a few doors down. We found ourselves in front of the San Antonio Grill. An interesting place with pretty good Tex-Mex grub. Washing down my hot wings and taco with a cold Corona definitely put me in the vacation mood.

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped in Gruhns Guitars and then into the Stage on Broadway. Another real cold beer while taking in the lone entertainer on the stage felt perfect. A few shops later we were back at the Hilton and our room, I mean suite, was ready. Time for a nap.

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