Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Opening Day

The conference opened today with a breakfast, followed by the keynote. Both were very worthwhile and if the remainder of the conference goes as well, I will consider it a success. I sat in the front, near a pair of colleagues and the conference hostess. This allowed me better access to the speakers as well as the chance to trade comments with others that I knew.

When Thornton May got the stage, he gave us a group exercise that led to a spirited discussion amongst those in our group. I may be getting a reputation amongst some regulars as I had the answers to some obscure questions (having nothing to do with technology). One colleague, Greg, commented that, "You're sick! You just know way too much about way too many things."

Lunch was terrific and everyone was looking forward to the special dinner. The dinner was held at the Beach Club at Pebble Beach that overlooks the 17th hole and the water. What a wonderful place! Being on the first bus there, we managed to get a very nice table with a great view. The food was excellent, as was the wine which was from a local vineyard. After dinner, the music started and people took to the dance floor; how refreshing to see at a conference full of technical people. I managed to coerce the conference hostess, Maryfran, out onto the dance floor for at least one round. It was a very nice evening.

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