Saturday, July 28, 2007

Six hours of sun, Fours hours of strong thunderstorms

So, the first six hours was fine. Headed down US301 and across the Nice Bridge at the Potomac. Then through scenic eastern Virginia. The storms hit as I neared Hopewell. Just as the storm ended, I found my way to City Point National Cemetary where I hoped to locate a Smeltzer who died there during the Civil War. Unfortunately, I had no luck and he wasn't listed in any of the onsite directories. It was still a sobering moment, to be there with all of the headstones from long ago.

Headed south again, the storms came in earnest. Several bouts of rain were so strong that traffic was pulling off the road to wait it out. I pretty much flew through the state though, stopping for a short spell in Fayetteville. I had hoped to locate my brother, but had no real leads I could follow on a weekend. Maybe on the return trip.

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