Monday, July 18, 2005

This Trip Could be B-U-S-T

I finally got my software near 6 pm today, losing yet another whole day. But in the process, I discovered a label that led me to finding out that our local Kampala computer vendor had ordered our equipment from another computer dealer in California. There are several problems with this.

First, our goal was to support local companies and the African product pipeline. If we had wanted equipment that originated in the US, we could have bought it wholesale ourselves, configured everything there, and then shipped it over here! And saved some money in the process.

Second, the equipment was meant for use in the US, which means it has a US warranty. Most manufacturers are real sticklers about this.

Third, but not least, is whether there is a warranty at all since a dealer resold it to another dealer. This is called "grey market" business and generally voids all warranties.

I am having my staff check on this for me. I hope there is good news, but I am expecting that it isn't. Bad news, that there is no service contract or warranty, means I will send all of it back to the vendor and start over. This will cause me a significant delay. But I can't take the risk with $36,000 worth of equipment on a critical project.

So, that's also three days wasted. Granted the weather has been good compared to back home (where I hear it is sweltering hot), but if I had known I wouldn't get anything done I'd have scheduled a side trip, visited the Kasubi Tombs (where Ugandan royalty is buried), or something.

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