Sunday, July 24, 2005

US Air First Class? I don't think so!

The wife and I were on a flight to San Francisco, via Pittsburgh, via US Air. It was First Class on this trip courtesy of frequent flier miles. My wife has never flown first class and was really looking forward to it, and I was also looking forward to her seeing how this worked. Unfortunately, it was US Air.

The plane from BWI had to be amongst the oldest in the fleet. The seats and area were so bad that even the economy class on Kenya Air looked better. It was only a 40 minute flight so it wasn't a big deal. After take-off we did get a drink service, just as they do in economy on other airlines. Well, it was over and I was sure that the longer flight to San Francisco would be better. We got in on time but it was a tight connection and we got to the next gate just as it started boarding.

The condition of the first class cabin was better, but compared to what I had been experiencing, it was clearly 2nd or even 3rd class. The meal was in a box. The earphones barely worked for us or the folks across the aisle, the wine cam in plastic water cups. To top it off, I am writing this while the seat in front of me is crushing my tray table and computer because we are packed so tightly. At least its only a 5+ hour flight. I feel sorry for the folks in economy, but at least they aren't full so they can spread out.

I am looking forward to a decent movie and a bit of time to start reading the new Harry Potter book. Unfortunately, the movie is "Miss Congeniality 2". If you read my other post concerning this movie, it isn't worth the time. But, US Air doesn't give you all the classy options that the other airlines have. I guess we were lucky (or maybe not given the movie) to even be able to see any of the small drop-down screens.

Boy, I didn't realize how spoiled KLM and British Air can make you feel!

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