Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pass the Balloon

I stumbled across an interesting custom in the making this morning. While at the food court, I saw a little girl and her mother approach a family with a little boy that was standing next to me. The girl went to the boy and offered him her Mickey Mouse balloon. Her mother then explained that they were leaving and couldn't take it with them on the plane. When they checked in, another family had given it to them under the same circumstances and mentioned that they, in turn, had received it from another departing family. How interesting is that?

I wonder how many times that particular balloon has been passed from family to family. How many times has that single, small token put a smile on a child's face and perhaps brightened everyone's mood? What a terrific idea. I hope more folks will consider this kind of "pay it forward" activity when they travel -- or just in their everyday lives.

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