Friday, February 8, 2008

She is a real peach, isn't she?

Ella, a sculpture of a reclining woman almost 20 feet tall and about 35 feet long has been unveiled in Sydney, Australia. The sculpture is made entirely of peaches, about 24,000 of them, though we aren't sure if the peaches are real. Sponsored by Ella Baché, a skin care and cosmetics company, the sculpture took about 6 months to create. It will be on display through Feb 10. For more information on the display and a background, follow the link below. Thanks to Boing-Boing for bringing this to my attention.

Amazing all peach sculpture

[From The Ella Installations // Ella will be unveiled soon // 1-10 February 2008 // First Fleet Park, Sydney]

ella bache peaches
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