Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Southwest rant

I hate the fact that Southwest is not only my best option to Florida, but that they offer the best service. That isn't necessarily a compliment. Now, the service out of Baltimore is okay and, in fact, on a par or above other airlines. It's in Orlando where hey fall down. Take today for instance. They push you to be there two hours before your flight, but the counters aren't open that early. There is a sign saying they open at 4:30, but at 4:45 there was still no sign of anyone. Then its all self-service from there. You must use a kiosk. You must drag your bags over to the TSA area. Humbug.


When you pay to fly, there is a minimum level of service that should be provided by all carriers. This includes timely check-in, open and staffed counters, on-time promises, and handling your details once you check-in (sic: baggage).

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