Monday, March 3, 2008

Apple Safari Browser: Not one of today's best available technologies?

There are apparently a number of folks that think that Apple's Safari browser is not a solid application. Last week, PayPal (sic: eBay) came out with a notice suggesting that its customers avoid using the browser with the PayPal service as it was potentially prone to phishing attacks.

A posting on Webware today about a new travel site called InsideTrip caught my interest. Its supposed to help you find the perfect flight by factoring in time, stops, duration, seat selection, aircraft, and other data about the trip. I clicked on the link and promptly saw the following message.


I have been a Safari user for several years now and have no complaints. In the earlier days, there were some issues with major sites coded specifically for Internet Explorer, but most are now more compliant. I like FireFox as well and its my browser of choice when using Windows, but I have to use IE at the office. All in all, I get a pretty fair amount of use out of all three and I find them comparable in ease-of-use; at least when IE means IE7.

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