Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CIO Decisions 2008 - Awards Dinner

The dinner was pretty unusual as far as tech conferences go. To start, instead of vendor displays on the screens, they had the Celtics-Lakers game on. Then, they tried to time the awards with half-time, but that didn't quite work out so the presentations were delayed until after the game was over. With Boston in the lead by 30 points, I think the game was over at the start of the 4th period.

Attendance seemed a little sparse considering how many people are attending the conference. I also found a little odd since dinner was included. However, then I remembered that these are all tech people.


They had 10 awardees this year, but only half of the were actually present to receive their award. I found that a little disappointing as this is a very prestigious award. The fact that only 10 were given this year also makes it very exclusive. I am sure they had good reasons though. If you are interested, you can find the list of winners and profiles here: Tech Target MidMarket.

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