Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CIO Decisions 2008 - Day 2

Breakfast was sponsored by TriGeo, a company that has a very intriguing log analyzer and SIM product. The food had a southwest flair to it and was pretty good. Way to go TriGeo! The presentation by their CEO, Michelle Dickman, was also compelling. I'll be in their demonstration during the breakout sessions later in the morning.

Today is a full day, with topics of interest to me at every time, so I can only hope my battery last long enough to take notes. I am a bit surprised, yet again, that attendance at breakfast seems a little sparse compared to the number of registered attendees.

Mykolas Rambus is a young and bright CIO who is now with Forbes Media that I have had the privilege of knowing for about four years. His presentation in the morning on Business Intelligence was extremely valuable to me as my organization places heavier emphasis on the tools.

The TriGeo demonstration was even better than last year and has definitely rekindled my interest in the product. I'll have to put my network team on it sometime later this year.

The afternoon presentations by some of the award winners was pretty interesting. We heard from Hamilton Beach, Monster Cable, and the Archdiocese of London, Ontario.


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