Tuesday, June 17, 2008

CIO Decisions 2008 - Day 1

The keynote was terrific, I got a lot out of it about what the job of "CIO of the Future" may look like. Then I went to prep for my session. The 10:15 group was lively and engaging, with a lot of good information to share. Our discussion went right up to the last minutes.

The private lunch with Microsoft was okay, but not exactly what I was expecting. They did offer some good swag though and there were a few really good points that the speaker made, which I noted. Microsoft had their touring truck here and I had the opportunity to check out some of the their current initiatives. Based on what I have seen, heard, and read, I think they might finally be "getting it". But as big a company as they are, it may be too difficult to be as agile as they need to.

My afternoon session was at 1:45, well timed to be before the point at which people get drowsy after having a big lunch. It was a bigger group and, while it took a while to get them started, they had their own sets of stories to share. I have posted a copy of my PowerPoint online and have embedded it below for convenience.

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