Thursday, June 19, 2008

Leaving San Diego

Well, for me the conference is over and today is the day I depart. My ride arrives around 10:30, but I can't resist the sunshine so I am checking out early and waiting in the warm sunshine. I am as prepared as I could be for this flight and have all my devices fully charged.

Traffic to the airport was almost non-existent and my driver from Cloud-9 was excellent. United got me through quickly, but there were some "issues" at security. With Bio 2008 also in San Diego, there are a lot of medical and pharma types at the airport. As important as they are, they go through the "expert traveler" line, but are anything but. The wait grew very quickly form only 5 minutes to well over 25 minutes as a group of them just had incredible difficulty getting through the basic x-ray and metal detectors. Instructions are only written on 25 signs before you get there. Oh well, good thing I have plenty of time.

San Diego airport is not known for its breadth of shopping or restaurants, so I spent most of the time at the gate listening to Buzz Out Loud on my iPod Nano. It made the time pass faster. I got out my iPhone to log into the airports free wifi, but it just didn't work for me. I resorted to Edge and checked mail, texted, and mailed a few photos. Time went quickly and we boarded.

It took forever for the plane to completely board as the flight was full. With a number of folks from Bio, there were people dragging stuff on that was either too much or too large. I really don't get it. Otherwise, the flight was good with great service. Lasagna for dinner with hit fudge sundaes for dessert. Good Malbec wine topped it off, and we were on time. The only down side was the movie, which was shown on my flight to San Diego. No big deal though.

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