Tuesday, September 23, 2008

At Sea, Day 3

The morning arrived to find us at sea. But the seas were rougher than anticipated with 10-12 foot swells. That made the whole day a bit rough. I heard a number of folks talk about feeling under the weather.

The morning was easy. We went up to the main pool areas to lay out for bit. I wandered into Rosie's and had a light breakfast of mostly fresh fruit. Upon getting back to the chairs, I spread on the sunscreen, got out the iPod and headphones and laid back. I rolled over a few times and even replenished the sunscreen. By 1:00, it was raining so I headed in. Later, I discovered that I was burned and even had bright red areas where I missed with the sunscreen. Not painful, but bothersome nonetheless.

Later was lunch that included leg of lamb, and back to the casino. Then dinner and the casino where I lost a few more dollars. Dinner was excellent and we were joined by 2 more couples. The synergy was terrific and dinner was very entertaining. We went back to the casino where I managed to lighten my wallet even further. I thought I had a chance in the Blackjack Tournament, but was knocked off the top six list at the last moment by just $200.

Overall, a nice and relaxing day with napping, sunning, book reading, blackjack, and craps. All of this in the wake of 12-15 foot seas, clouds, and spotty rain. I found it a good day though.

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