Saturday, September 27, 2008

At Sea - Day 6

This was a total day at sea. Starting in the morning, for some odd reason, people were asking me, and sometimes my wife, how was I doing. I suspect they were at the deck part the night before.

We decided to take it easy and laid out on the Promenade deck, walked around, and I took a nap in the afternoon. Interesting thing sleeping in mid-day, not something I usually do. Dinner was elegant dress and we dressed for it. On the way, we even had a few photos taken. We'll see how that works out tomorrow.

A little time at the blackjack table earned me a few dollars back. The biggest problem are the folks that don't know how to play or have had too much to drink to play properly. They don't understand that they can affect the entire table.

The night wrapped up with a few hours at karaoke and then watching Transformers on the big screen on the Lido Deck by the pool.

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