Monday, September 22, 2008

Nassau, Bahamas - Day 2

We were already in port at Nassau when we awoke. Since we had no specific plans, we had a lazy breakfast then headed ashore about 10:00. We walked around the downtown and port area, taking in the shops and some of the local culture. However, mostly what we ran into were other folks from the ship or taxi and bus drivers.

After an hour walk, we decided to put into the Athena Cafe. This Greek restaurant was founded by a Greek seaman who jumped ship in Nassau and never left. We had some local beers and conch fritters; both were excellent. We headed back to the ship afterwards, but at a leisurely pace. Upon boarding, we decided to change and head across the ship to other destinations. We had some drinks at the Argonaut bar by the pool, then a hearty lunch at Rosie's Cafe -- named after Rosie the Riveter from WWII fame.

Today was "elegant" night on the ship, meaning a higher dress code at dinner, The Captains reception was a 5:00 so we dressed up and headed there. We met a couple from Canada they were very nice. The drinks and appetizers flowed. I latched onto this lime-flavored drink and they kept setting new ones in front of me. Time for dinner came and we found ourselves with another couple. Jeff and Mary Lou from Maine showed up. They seem to be serial entrepreneurs, starting a business then selling it and starting another. I have to admire that mindset.

After dinner, we changed and headed back out. We first went to the casino and did okay. Te wife won $500 on slots and I won back some of the money I lost on the first night. More importantly, it was fun. On to karaoke where we ran into other people we knew. First, we sat with the couple from the ride to Miami. Then, some of the best singers were from my blackjack table earlier in the evening.

We wrapped up the day by watching "Deja Vous" on the big screen at the pool/

Today, we also agreed that he occupants of the cabin to our right need to get a better handle on their kids. Between the banging, jumping, and slamming doors it is getting to be pretty onerous. Banging back on the wall seems to get it to stop for at least a little while, but not permanently. We'll see how it plays out over the next several days.

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