Friday, September 26, 2008

St. Martin - Day 5

For those not aware, St. Martin is an island with dual personalities. By treaty, it is divided into halves owned by France and The Netherlands. Both are still considered a part of their patron countries.

We opted for an excursion that was to tour the island with time in Margot, the capital of the French side, Orient Beach, also on the French side, and finally Phiipsburg, the capital of the Dutch side. Instead of the traditional open-bus, we had a more typical tour bus with comfortable seats. The problems came from two places; the first was that the bus's air conditioning wasn't working and the windows didn't open. The second was that the driver decided to skip the Philipsburg portion of the trip. This was a terrible disappointment and considering that this was my first Carnival cruise and only excursion, it has not left me feeling very good about engaging in such activities again.

The weather was good though and it was a nice time at the sidewalk cafe in Margot and the beach bar at Orient Beach. I really want to make time to return and see both capitals again. We picked up a few duty-free items before we boarded the ship.

I then had an appointment at the ship's spa, another first. I felt terrific after the massage and think I'll make this a regular activity on any future cruises.

It was Margarita night at the casino bar and I did my part to add to the tradition. The mistake probably came from switching drinks during our cigar moment on the Lido deck.

Tomorrow is the first of two days at sea on the way back to Miami.

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