Wednesday, September 24, 2008

St. Thomas - Day 4

We pulled into beautiful St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands this morning amidst deep blue skies and moderate temperatures. We aren't the only ship here so I assume Charlotte Amalie will be busy with tourists. We have no specific plans but intend to go to Paradise Point by way of the tram and wander around town. I'll write about it later. At the moment, we have to go through U.S. Immigration.

Despite almost 20 announcements, items in the newsletter, and signs all over the ship, it seems there were a number of people who decided that they were special and didn't need to go to the U.S. Immigration checks. We all heard their names on the PA system several times throughout the morning as the crew did their best to locate them.

We prepared for our trek and as we were about to leave the cabin, some flyers were delivered that mentioned specials at the spa for the day. I called and made an appointment for a triple-massage later at night. It should be nice. We disembarked and it all went smoothly. Finding a ride downtown was not a problem, but it was a bit chaotic trying to find a dorry headed for our specific destination. The cab drivers were trying to upsell everyone on island tours or longer trips to one of the beaches.

We were dropped off downtown and began our exploring. After a while we stumbled across a little place called The Giggling Gecko owned and operated by Michelle, originally from Prince Frederick in Maryland (small world it is). Its a delightful place and a few bottles of Island Summer Ale later we were back on our way through the town.

After another hour we stopped in at The Green House, another local haunt frequented by tourists. The Macho Nachos hit the spot as did a bottle of Carib, a beer from Trinidad.

A quick cab ride and we were at the foot of the tram that runs to Paradise Point. The ride up gives you quite a good view of the harbor and town below. At the top is a nice little restaurant and gift shop. Their speciality is a drink called a Bushwacker. I decided to try one, along with a bottle of water. It tastes a lot like a chocolate milkshake made with low-fat ice cream. The view and sites from their were incredible. You can clearly see Puerto Rico and some of the other Virgin Islands. I got quite a few shots that will be on Flickr when I return.

Dinner is in a bit and the massage a bot after that. I think I may reschedule as I managed to get some sunburn that might interfere with the massages.

Tomorrow is St. Maartin and we have an excursion planned to sightsee the island.

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