Monday, January 19, 2009

Social Networking in Plain English

I get a lot of questions about social networks, so I spend a lot of time explaining them. I was recently pointed to this video on YouTube which, even though from 2007, still offers a pretty good overview of social networking.

The video is by a small company called CommonCraft. Their main business is in the creation of video content for the Internet. With this posting, I think they have done a very nice job in explaining what social networking is for the lay-person and I intend to point people to their website to view it when I give talks or get questions on the topic.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Explanation of my absense

I haven't updated this blog in a while as other activities have been keeping me very busy. I also have to admit to a few intermittent posts that I wrote, but didn't successfully post and then forgot to follow-up on. I have been very active on Twitter ( ), LinkedIn, and Facebook and that's eaten into my time as well. With 2009, one of my resolutions was to re-ignite my online presence and I have been working on that.

With all of the options available to us on the "Inter-tubes", I had to really sit and prioritize how I was going to use each one. Here's is what I came up with and have been working on.


Twitter is my home for short posts, musings, and news references; my way of sharing short thoughts with people. You can access my Twitter feed by joining Twitter and following me at Twitter is a great tool for this and the decision was made easier by the sale of Pownce to SixApart and Google's recent decision to officially stop supporting Jaiku (though volunteers are keeping it running); both are services I also used.


Facebook will continue to be the way I communicate with family and close friends, as many are not techno-centric or just don't "get" blogs and tweets. I have setup my Facebook to grab the RSS feeds from my blogs and my Twitters so folks there can get the benefit (or curse) of seeing my online postings.


This is my online business tool. I use it to keep in touch and network with business colleagues and partners I have made over my career. Generally, I'll keep this content strictly to LinkedIn.


I have two blogs, the one you're reading at and a Tumblr blog at . The Tumblr blog will be used for short postings and references to news and other items online. Things that are bigger than I feel comfortable posting on Twitter but, at this juncture, I don't want to fill up this blog with.

This blog, Remarks on the World, will continue to get my travel reports, comments and musings on business, and thoughts on the world around us. These are things that contain a bit deeper thought or require more explanation that is easily possible with the other tools. I have also included feeds from Twitter,, and Flickr on this blog so readers can get a lot of my content all in one place.


This free service, owned by Yahoo, is still my bookmarking service of choice. I have been a member for many years, actually even before Yahoo acquired them, and found it to be incredibly useful for storing, organizing, searching, and accessing my browser bookmarks from anywhere. The community features and sharing with others have also made it a decent search engine for pre-vetted content. You can find my Delicious postings at .


For the moment, this is still the online home for my photos and you can find me on Flickr at . I like the community aspect. However, I have also been exploring other services like SmugMug and appreciate the interface and user experience they offer much better. Changing services with the volume of photos I have is not a light decision though.


I am sticking with YouTube for posting my videos as it is the service that most people are familiar with. There are a few others that offer better ease of use and more features, and I may end up using them for items I only intend to embed in my postings, but you can find most of my stuff on YouTube on my channel at .


My last step will be to reconfigure my FriendFeed at to try and pickup all of my online postings and activity in one place. Once I do that, I can reconfigure Facebook and the other presences to reference each other without redundancy. Aggregating my content into one place will help my followers.

Other Services

There are other services that I use to help in making my content available online, but most of these are "behind the scenes" and not too obvious to most readers and visitors. These services include AuthorStream, PixelPipe, Vimeo, and Google Apps (Picasa, Docs, Mail, etc.).

2009 promises to be a very busy year and I am off to a good start with my online properties so far.