Sunday, February 8, 2009

How to secure an empty building

There is an empty building just off a nearby highway. The building was once a house that is about a century old, is slated to be demolished to make way for a community shopping center. It was acquired by the developer along with a large swatch of property for new homes. The developer made a few upgrades and converted it into a sales center for the home builders. Once the first model home park was opened, it was closed. In the meantime, it sits empty and gets some perfunctory upkeep and maintenance.

I visited the property recently to grab some photographs of the building and surrounding property. On the whole, its not a very photogenic site but that doesn't mean that there aren't some interesting aspects to it. One thing that especially caught my attention was how this entryway was locked and protected.

How to keep out the curious How to keep out the curious
Of course, one has to wonder if it is a real warning and, if so, wouldn't it be secured with more than just a padlock? You can see the while Flickr set at this link.

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