Friday, November 13, 2009

Scientists Develop Rot-Proof Apple that Stays Fresh for 4 Months

Scientists in Australia have spent the last 20 years cross-breeding different varieties of apples in an effort to make a better one. Finally, their results have paid off with an apple that doesn't rot; or at least won't rot for a long time. Test have show that this new variety can stay fresh without refrigeration for up to two weeks, and up to four weeks with refrigeration. It is also more disease resistant and able to avoid the common "black spot", a disease caused by fungus venturia inaequalis which affects both the foliage and fruit. The great potential here isn't just extending the time to market for crops and reduction in loss to disease, but the overall reduced costs to the farmer. It also brings the possibility of improving the process of exporting apples to new markets, including famine areas of the world.

(Via Independent.)

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  1. Why do I think that this apple won't taste very good?