Friday, July 8, 2011

Monkey steals camera, takes self-portraits

In Indonesia, a macaque monkey helped himself to a nature photographer's camera, then started snapping photos of himself. Award winning photojournalist, David Slater, was in a small national park on the island of Sulawesi when the event occurred.  "I teamed up with a local guide because I knew about the apes and wanted to photograph them.", David added.

Simian Self Portrait

He and his guide were with the monkeys for about three days. They were accepting of his company and expressed interest in the things he was carrying. It is assumed that the culprit became enamored with his own reflection in the camera lens. Slater later added that most of the hundreds of photographs were not in focus, but a very few were usable.

Photo by monkey

The crested black macaque is an endangered species. It not only suffers from human encroachment and deforestation, but is hunted as bush meat since monkey is considered a delicacy and holiday staple amongst the local non-muslim population.


(Via Monkey steals camera to snap himself - Telegraph: .


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